Saturday, 30 April 2011

Songs that make you go WOW!

I know that this is totally personal. What I may find awesome, you may think it's okay. Or not even good. I am not talking about generation gap music styles. It's obvious that my grandma (even being super cool and hip) doesn't get why I love bands like Cancer Bats or I Hate Sally. Guess I don't like some of her musical choices either. But I'm not gonna go there... I want to talk about songs that touch you, the moment you hear them the very first time. What's in a song that makes you go WOW! ? Is it the music or the lyrics? Or the combination of both? For me, it's both. There are exceptions. I watched a Brazilian movie last month Cazuza about the brilliant singer/songwriter and fell in love with a song without really knowing what it was about. My Portuguese is not good and I'm working on it, so my mom translated the lyrics and I loved this song even more.

Canadian Stars won me with this song:

Super talented Colin Scallan was very inspired when he wrote this tune:

When I discovered Anberlin I think I played their songs non-stop for weeks. This was a fav:

I'm a huge fan of The Black Keys and love this tune:

It's hard to write about awesome music without Metric in the same sentence. I saw them last year at the Molson Amphitheatre (thanks Jean-Fran├žois for the tickets :)). Emily Haines is one of the best vocalists I know. And if you still haven't heard her solo material, I suggest you do so. Anyway, this song is so perfect and there's so much depth. Had to mention it here:

I absolutelly love Tegan and Sara. I know, more Canadian awesomeness, but it's impossible not to talk about them when the subject is great songs...

I was pretty young when I saw these guys live. Stone Sour became a favorite and I learned this song when I got home from their concert. It's probably one of the best songs ever written.

I think I could write forever about the songs I love. But what I really want to know is, what do YOU like??? What's in a song that makes you go WOW! ?

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