Thursday, 28 April 2011

Is bad the new good?

If you consider that a lot of bad music sells well, you might even think that people lost their notion of what is good and what isn't. Could it be that we are so used to shallow lyrics and redundant music that our expectations became very low? Well, you tell me...
While a huge majority of kids my age do enjoy whatever the mainstream media puts out there, I can assure you that not everyone has been brainwashed.
Last year I was at Mapleview Mall and saw a big line to get into D-tox. There was a Silverstein meet and greet and the place was packed with teenagers hoping to get a picture with the guys of the band.
I met the vocalist, Shane Told, in 2008 when he produced my very first demo. I was only 10 and it was a project with my friend and awesome bass player Kira Sinstead. Shane is totally talented and I can honestly say he inspired me to write more. It's really cool that Silverstein is a Burlington band. And it's even cooler to see so many followers. When you work as hard as they do, I think it's great to see your work being recognized. So, for my very first post, I want to give a shout out to Shane and Silverstein. They are releasing a new album and I can't wait to get it. So, back to my post title, I think that as much as there's a lot of bad music out there, there's a lot of good stuff being written every day. And I don't want to stop believing that untalented media creations are here to stay.
So have a listen to what's good out there! And show them some love, getting their albums :)

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