Thursday, 28 April 2011

Canada has Talent!

When I recorded my first song Really High Hopes I posted it on myspace. I think we can all agree that myspace saw better days. It used to be easy and a great way to showcase new music. I got to meet a lot of cool people there, most of them musicians like me. One of the bands I met there 5th Projekt became a favorite. Their sound is a bit like Radiohead meets Portishead, with a Massive Attack edge. Tara Rice's vocals are flawless. These guys are so very good! And so very nice at the same time! I met them last year at the Sound of Music Festival here in Burlington. They didn't play, but came to see USS another great Canadian band. After the concert, they came over to my house for a jam. And it was super fun to hang with them. They are incredibly awesome. Judge for yourself:
Sound of Music Festival 2010

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