Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Burlington Sound of Music 2011

What I love the most about this festival is the always great selection of bands. Not sure what goes on, but for some reason, Canada has a lot of good bands!

The festival began on Thursday, June 16 and the first band I saw was Yukon Blonde from Vancouver.
They are super talented and really nice. I bought their CD (amazing) and got their autograph at the merch table.

I think it's ultra cool that you get to meet some of the bands after they play. AND get their t-shirts and CDs :)

Toronto's Bedouin Soundclash played right after and it was CROWDED!!!!

Friday I watched one of the best concerts ever by The Reason. They are another great band from Hamilton, Ontario. I don't know how to describe with words, but I'll try.  Have you ever been to a concert that was absolutely round with no rough edges. These guys work so well together that when they play, they create an amazing sense of musical depth. You get lost within their sound. It's not usual to see this kind of unison live. And they achieve this effortlessly. Check their Sloan cover and tell me if they're not awesome!

Crash Karma was next. It's a pretty high profile band since their members come from I Mother Earth, Our Lady Peace, The Tea Party and Zygote. So they were obviously very good.

I arrived early at the park around lunch time on Saturday and went straight to this great vegan cafe on John Street (yes, the street was closed for the festival - so cool). It was my first time at Kind Food and I liked it so much that I went back for dinner. It's a very cute place, really hip and nicely decorated and what's most important: the food is awesome. I totally recommend this restaurant, so if you're from Burlington, you should check their hours and go. Best cupcakes EVER!

 Back at the festival, I watched Toronto's The Wooden Sky. Another talented group of musicians. One thing I've been enjoying seeing is that a lot of these guys play more than one instrument. It's like finding lost siblings, so there are many of my kind haha.
Funny thing about this video. If you look on the right side, you can see me right at the front with my mom and dad. Cool.

Edmonton's Stereos was another really packed concert. It was hard to get close, so I didn't really try ;)

P.E.I.'s Paper Lions  were great! I enjoyed seeing them and bought their CD.

Hollerado was everything I expected and probably a little bit more. If you don't know them, you don't know what you're missing. Seriously. Click on the link and go. Yes do it! Go! I'll wait.

See, I told you so. They are good, aren't they?
It was hard to get their autograph, but I did it.

Tokyo Police Club closed the day. And it was packed!

It was a great day, but I was so tired I don't even remember falling asleep...

I had to miss Sunday at the festival. My friend got us some VIP tickets for the Hamilton Air Show and unfortunately I couldn't be at 2 places at the same time.
But here are some highlights:

The Salads:


Meanwhile that's what I was doing...

Happy Summer to you all!!!!

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