Sunday, 12 June 2011

About my trip to Ottawa

There's nothing I enjoy more than spending quality time at a museum. Just ask anyone that knows me. So, when my dad announced that we were going to Ottawa, I got really excited and started planning my time there.
We got up early on Wednesday morning and hit the road. My mom prepared some snacks, so we didn't stop for food.

This is what a vegan sandwich looks like :)
On the way, we read Alicia Silverstone's book "The Kind Diet" that I totally recommend. It has lots of food ideas and tips for a healthy and yummy diet.
Super easy read and very inspiring too!

Almost there...
Ottawa is a beautiful city. What caught my attention was how easy it is to get around by bike. The moment we arrived I knew I HAD to go for a ride in the Rideau Canal! If you live in Ottawa, you are so LUCKY!!!

The following day, I got my morning fix and headed to the Art Gallery.
Soy mocha frappuccino.So.Good.

very cool inside the gallery

I couldn't take pictures of the art, but I did see some amazing paintings. Lawren Harris is a favorite of mine so I was totally over the top excited when I saw his art. So much depth and talent. I think I could have spent another week inside the gallery...
I had the Asian salad.
Mom had a curry.

Lunch at Peace Garden before going to the Aviation and Space Museum.

I really wanted to visit this museum and was glad I did. There are lots of cool airplanes and flight simulators that are awesome!

 The Canadian Museum of Civilization was another amazing experience. I visited it twice and watched the cutest movie at their Imax theatre.


By the time we finished seeing everything, it was dinner time and we went to a Thai restaurant right across the street from the museum.

The food was good too!

The bridge between Ottawa and Gatineau (where the Museum of Civilization is located) is pretty amazing and has a huge deck. It's windy, so when you cross make sure to take off your hat!

view of the museum of civilization

The ByWard Market is another great Ottawa attraction. There are tons of places to eat (okay not so many if you're vegetarian or vegan...) but you can just sit outside the Hard Rock Cafe and have a drink and watch people go by.

More pictures:
Parliament of Canada

How cute is that?

Now to the exciting stuff...
We were on our way back to the hotel when we realized  we were almost in the middle of a political protest. Our Prime Minister was at the Convention Centre that is right beside where we were staying, so there was a huge commotion.
When we got back to our room, we spotted a couple of snipers on the building across from us. Exciting!

Later on we decided to go on a ghost walk. Some of the stories were cool, but I still think Burlington has more ghosts :)

haunted house?

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